The Call Law App

In this era of digitalization, everything from schooling to shopping has become online. Work from home has become the ‘new normal’ and businesses are shifting to online operations, finance, and communication modes.


Family Coverage

This package is designed for your entire family. It is a 1-year subscription for a family of up to five members, where your legal questions will be answered 24/7 by our highly skilled and experienced lawyers. This package also offers a five-hour attorney access and representation and a $5000 bail bond coverage. Bail is the amount of money submitted by a bail bond company on the defendant’s behalf that they will return to court for the remaining proceedings of his case. In addition to this, family coverage also grants 100 pre-paid phone call or video call minutes to the customer. The price of this package is $87.90 per person.

Single Coverage

It is a 1-year coverage package costing $117.90. It includes 24/7 legal help available and five-hour attorney access and representation. The package subscriber also gets 100 pre-paid phone or video call minutes along with a CALL LAW APP ID card. It also covers a $5000 bail bond, which can be submitted to the court as a security in case of any crime committed by the customer. It will assure you that someone has got your back in times of need and difficulty.

Group Coverage

This package is ideal for a group of friends, colleagues, business workers, or partners. It can include up to ten individuals, and the price per individual is $69.16. It is pretty reasonable and less than other packages. Like family and single coverage packages, this one also gives you a 24/7 legal question/answer service and access to a five-hour attorney session. It also includes a $5000 bail bond coverage, 100 pre-paid phones, video call minutes, and a CALL LAW APP ID card.

CALL LAW APP 30 – Day Travel Coverage

It is a 30-day individual coverage package designed for people who constantly travel from one state to another. This includes a 24/7 legal question/answer service and 2-hour attorney access and representation. Sometimes, in a different place from our hometown, we unintentionally get trapped in legal proceedings or mishaps because we are unaware of specific laws and regulations. This creates a significant problem for some people since the officials are new people, and there might even exist a language barrier. This is why CALL LAW APP has designed this package, particularly for its traveling customers, so they can avoid any legal problems during their trip and take good experiences and memories back home. This package covers a bail bond of $2500. The price of this coverage package is $75.49.

CALL LAW APP Advance App Coverage

This is one of the advanced packages, which differs from other packages in some of its characteristics. It doesn’t have a fixed period coverage. Instead, it provides add-on coverage when required for $49.75. It provides a 10-hour attorney session but no 24/7 legal help. It includes a bail bond of $10,000 and 150 pre-paid phone or video call minutes. This package can come in handy in emergencies when you don’t know what will come next for you while dealing with the justice system. 

Apart from these coverage packages, the CALL LAW APP also offers various other services like GPS transmitter, 24/7 call center for legal help, emergency contact numbers, etc. The app can be easily accessed on mobile phones from anywhere in the world. The CALL LAW APP account is also easily manageable, and payments can be made online through our website.

Moreover, it provides the option of audio and video recording of the interaction. This app is a form of security for you and your loved ones in this fast-moving world. It will assure that you are treated fairly in the criminal justice system, and your assets and efforts do not go in vain.


We hope you found this article helpful and informative. CALL LAW APP will help protect the rights of you and your family. It will save you from getting exploited or suffering a massive loss at the hands of justice or crime.

The coverage packages mentioned above include guidance and services by some highly qualified and top lawyers of the United States. These packages offer pre-paid services that you can avail of in times of need to save yourself from the hassle of unexpected legal emergencies.