About us

Call Law App was conceived over ten years ago in response to the inequities present in the judicial system. It’s a documented fact, individuals of limited means receive harsher treatment than those possessed of the resources to insulate themselves legally.

Call Law App offers peace of mind to those who find themselves in the justice system with little to no resources to protect their rights. This is a way for all people to have access to the same amount and quality of resources equally.

At Call Law App our goal is to be a resource for  underserved individuals can rely upon when dealing with the justice system. For those that do not have thousands of dollars to retain top-shelf legal representation or find themselves in legal jeopardy while away from home, Call Law App provides access to the resources you need to get the help you deserve.

Justice may be blind, but we are not. It’s not difficult to see that socio-economic factors play a large role in the type of treatment individuals receive. It’s also not difficult to see that putting more power in the hands of the people most affected can potentially be a game-changer.

You don’t stand outside getting wet waiting for it to stop raining, you use an umbrella, so while you’re waiting for the scales of justice to be truly balanced, use the Call Law App.