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CALL LAW APP Version 2.0 Available July 4th
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Call Law App is a personal, high powered legal resource that you can access from the palm of your hand. User friendly service
options make it easy to get the effective legal resources you and your love ones need when and where you need them.

Who is CALL LAW APP for?

CALL LAW APP was designed to meet the needs of individuals dealing with the justice system. The unfortunate reality is far too many people are underserved. This leads to poor representation, and that is
where CLA comes into play for you!

Select your Plan

Choose from our great coverage options

Single Coverage

1 Individual

1 Year full


per person

CLA 30-Day Travel Coverage

1 Individual



per person

Family Coverage

2 – 5 Individuals

1 Year full


per person

Group Coverage

6-10 Individuals

1 Year full


per person


Add-on upgrade

for Year


per person

We've All Been There...

All too often a traffic stop quickly escalates from a mere inconvenience to become your worst nightmare. Now, armed with the Call Law App, you can protect yourself.

You're Never Alone

With Call Law App you can contact a lawyer, arrange bail, notify your loved ones of your situation and location, and avoid the terrifying feeling that you are facing this alone.

Balance the Scales

The scales of justice are too often tilted against individuals without the resources to summon expert legal help. Call Law App helps to balance the scales and insure that you are treated fairly by the criminal justice system.


Contact Top Criminal Lawyers Where You Are

Contact Premier Bail Bond Providers

Easily Access Legal Resources From Any Location 

500 Pre-Paid phone or video call minutes 

24/7 Call Center for Legal Questions and Answers

Covers 51 States and 5 Commonwealths.

Individual, Family and Group Coverage

Easily Manage Your Account Directly in the APP 

One-Touch Video Recording of the Encounter

One-Touch Audio Recording of the Interaction

Emergency Notifications Sent to Three Phone Numbers

GPS Locator Transmits Your Exact Location

What Our Clients Say:


“I purchased my coverage to

protect my family”


“I got my card because I care about

my rights”

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Call Law App work without upgrading to a coverage package?


How does Call Law App work?

Download the app for IOS or Android, follow the registration steps, upload a recent photo for your personal membership card, and submit your personal emergency contact numbers. Our system will then generate a unique coded number ID, your legal agent will be assigned, and your coverage service will be activated.

When does my coverage start?

At coverage activation, when you are asigned a personal ID number.

How many hours do I get with an attorney?

Coverage starts with five hours of attorney client access. Additional hours can be added.

How do I activate my coverage?

Your coverage can be activated online or via phone or email.

Do I have the right to use my app if I'm in custody?

In most cases yes, however this can vary depending on the facility. Phone service is always available and is your legal right.

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